DX solution / Consulting Company

We have best logistics & digital solutions for your business challenges.

Your business challenges are becoming increasingly complex and changing significantly; in aspects of uncertainty, digitalization, decrease in labor force, and low/decarbonization and many more. We solve issues arising from challenges above, such as inventory management of a wider variety of products in small lots, diversified delivery patterns, and declining productivity due to soaring labor costs and labor shortages with advanced solutions, including logistics consulting, digital technology and operational excellence equipped with cutting-edge robotics.


We are committed to transform ourselves into a new business model that crosses “Digital Transformations(strengthening the industry with digital capability enhancement)” and “Energy Transformations(realization of a carbon neutral society as the de facto standard)”.

We study your supply chain from a bird’s-eye-view and formulate a "grand design" that precisely addresses universal and essential points in order to achieve total optimization, followed by supporting the steady execution of individual projects. When promoting individual projects, we build up optimal solution models with the advanced technologies and competitive services of our partner companies.

<Robot 3PL>

Our warehouse robots assure stable shipping operations for both B2B and B2C. This brand-new 3PL service serves not only large lots but also small lots products, with simple-rate-structure.

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<Online Merges with Offline>

Our full-lineup service enables you to manage both online and physical stores at the same time.

Not only:

- Procurement logistics from the production place to the warehouse - Sales logistics from the warehouse to the store and consumers

But also(in collaboration with partner company):

- Products photographing / measuring / manuscripts - Supports for EC website building - Offers inventory-centralization systems, and administration efficiency tools - EC fulfillment functions such as operating customer service centers


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