Automobile Company

From “inbound logistics” to “outbound logistics,” from “JIT parts delivery” to “high-standard carrier car transport” and “after-sales parts center operations.” With our full line of services, we can respond to the various needs of our customers in the automobile industry, backed by an integrated global network.

Supporting global production with our world-wide network and decades of experience.
Backing your global long-distance procurement through our “Line to Line”services.
Providing solutions to the requirements of automobile industry in various markets through our high-quality integrated services.
Making proposals based on the actual “voices”of our valued customers.
We are fully convinced that these activities will strengthen your sales activities.

Working together with our customers

We work together with our customers to develop solutions to the problems of each manufacturing and sales site in every region, by examining them from various perspectives not only by transportation point of view, but also by using AI, and others.

Optimization through teamwork and our entire lineup of services

With the globalization of procurement, manufacturing, and sales, a restructuring of the flow of goods and information is underway. In addition, the automobile industry is going through a period of great change such as Electrification, CASE, MaaS, and others.
We strive to optimize the supply chain from proposal to implementation through teamwork with customers and our entire consistent lineup of services from parts to complete vehicles.
This is our vision of partnership. 

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