Our ServicesFoodstuffs and Consumables

As a logistics platform in the food and consumer goods sectors, we leverage a wide range of networks and digital technologies to achieve optimal supply chain logistics, utilizing both major and regional ports.

As a trading company-affiliated logistics company, based on the know-how we have cultivated through our relationships with customers from various industries, we provide logistics solutions tailored to each customer’s needs by optimally combining the essential elements for sustainable growth such as green logistics (modal shift) and digital transformation (automation and standardization).

Reliable operational quality

Several of our achievements have met the strict quality standards required for products that come in contact with human mouths and skin. We provide safe, secure, and reliable service quality that we have developed in our capacity as the logistics department of shippers, utilizing both major and regional ports

Improve the value of the customer experience

With changes in the supply chain in the age of the new normal, we are reevaluating logistics that allow us to connect directly with our valued consumers. We will work together with shippers to improve customer experience by keeping pace with the rapidly changing demands of the consumer market.

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